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San Sebastian’s Perfect Beach

People say that San Sebastian’s Playa de la Concha, or Concha Blanca is the best beach in Spain, perhaps the best beach in Europe.  They always show photographs of a wide, empty expanse of beach, glistening with water only recently receded. I’ve got some of those pix as well, but here is what it really looks like… after 1/2 the people have gone home for the day.  But seriously, while quite crowded in summer, this is one gorgeous beach, with warm water, and a smashing view. And, it is right …

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California, Palm Springs »

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Downtown Palm Springs

Last week I drove out to the Desert to hide out and focus more deeply on my work away from phones and such. For five whole days I was pretty much  unplugged. I stayed out in Rancho Mirage but 0ne evening wandered around downtontown Palm Springs itself.  It’s not very big and doesn’t take long to see from one end to the other, but there are more than enough bars and restaurants to keep busy for an evening.  And while architecturally indistinct, it is beautifully set  close by the San …

Barcelona, Spain »

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Midnight at Montjuic

Out last night in Barcelona, and our last night in Spain after three whole weeks.  And what better place to spend it than that musical happening, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, the Mount of the Jews. I’m not sure what any of us was thinking, they might have known more than we discussed.  But I was totally unprepared for the 100,000 or so people thronging the streets in the park.  As you can see from the top picture, the whole experience had a sort of pagan feel to it. Very …

Omaha »

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I spent a few days in Omaha during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. San Diego was sunny when I left. Omaha?  Bleak. Really, I didn’t go for the weather and it’s a good thing. That said, I grew up in the bleakness of the North East and attended college in Buffalo. Part of me felt very much at home.  I even slipped on ice and fell hard on my butt. Fairly embarrassed, I looked around and saw no one. Coast clear.
Weather aside, I enjoyed the place more than …

London »

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London, City of Towers

There’s a reason they call London the “City of Towers.”  Wait. They don’t call it that, but they should, as this photo shows. This view is from the top floor restaurant in the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. It’s called “The Portrait,” and was a nice place for a late lunch with a very old friend. (She’s not very old, we just met a long time ago.)  The three towers are all part of the Houses of Parliament, including one you’ll recognize, Big Ben.

Dubai »

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Ski Dubai

I hope I’m not insulting anyone when I say that Dubai is not among the most photogenic of places.  But still, at least a token of my lovely visit should be included and I have just the image for a post.  Where else do they have the world’s largest indoor ski slope?  Ski Dubai, of course, located in and perhaps the star attraction of the magnificent Mall of the Emirates. You have to admit, it’s pretty weird, especially considering the outdoor temperature is a balmy 105 Fahrenheit. Now consider this: …